Program introduction

As a partner-centric organization, Liquit understands the value of a strong partner network. The Liquit Partner program is designed to help you develop new opportunities and build a successful business around the Liquit platform. Working closely with our partners, our goal is to drive our joint success.

We help our partners grow, accelerate and build out a portfolio of services & solutions to drive the adoption of the digital workspace. As a Liquit partner you will gain access to invaluable resources, tools, and other program benefits, all designed to help leverage the opportunities our technology provides.

The Liquit partner program offers many benefits. Including:

  • Profitable revenue streams | Grow your business with generous margins and recurring revenue;
  • Add-on business opportunities | Find new ways to add and create value with our cutting-edge technology. Liquit gives you a competitive advantage and offers you many opportunities to sell additional products and/or services. For each €1,00 revenue from yearly Liquit licenses, partners are able to generate (on average) an additional €5,00 in additional cloud infrastructure and consultancy services revenue;
  • Competitive bidding | Differentiate yourself by delivering a highly competitive solution that provides high value to your customers at an affordable price entry point;
  • Reliability | The Liquit platform requires little effort to support and maintain;
  • Deal Registration eligibility | Providing exclusive benefits and sales support;
  • Marketing resources | Access to a library of go-to-market resources and Marketing Development Funds for approved co-marketing activities;
  • Sales support | Gain access to a team with great experience, to help you sell Liquit.

You also gain access to technical support from Liquit and free training. Enabling you to benefit from our experience and technology, so you can strengthen your expertise and make sure you deliver the best possible solution.

Partnership is only awarded upon approval after assessing the company. The assessment is based on the company’s business model, capabilities, and commitment. After approval from Liquit the new partner is required to sign the Liquit Partner Agreement; then the company officially enters the Liquit Partner program.

Companies that would like to join the Liquit partner program are invited to contact us to further explore the possibilities of teaming up. Please call us at +31 88 638 3500 or send us an e-mail at